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The office of Deacon, as set forth in Scripture, is one that calls for sympathy, witness and service. Following the example of Jesus, their primary responsibility is to minister to those in need within and beyond the community of faith.

The men and women who serve as Deacons are elected by the congregation, ordained and supervised by Session. They are guided by the Scriptures and their beliefs in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, to serve and minister to those who are in need. Deacons provide and oversee the pastoral care to the congregation in conjunction with the pastors, Stephen Ministers, staff and other church entities. Intentional pastoral care to the membership, from birth through death, strengthens the congregation in faith, commitment and compassion. The Board of Deacons meet monthly.

Deacons serve Communion during Worship and assist the pastors in serving the Lord’s Supper to homebound members.

The Board of Deacons is divided into three committees:

  • Immediate Care Committee has a team of member volunteers who can assist with food or transportation. The deacon on call from the Immediate Care group will call to check on your needs upon learning of the situation from the church office. Immediate Care also provides for the needs of the family with a newborn.
  • Congregational Hospitality Committee works to provide programs and services that support members’ personal growth, enrichment and involvement at Ladue Chapel. This committee looks for ways in which the Church can better meet members’ needs by offering programs for faith enrichment. This committee annually sponsors a continental breakfast following the Easter sunrise service and Strawberry Festival picnic the first Sunday of June.
  • Ongoing Care Committee communicates with the homebound through cards and phone calls and works to provide ongoing care to members of the congregation. A remembrance card is sent on the first anniversary of the death of a member’s loved one.  The Ongoing Care committee also administrates the delivery of flowers at Christmas and Easter to members who are homebound or who have suffered a recent crisis or loss.  This committee continues to explore ways of providing care to members of the congregation.

Ladue Chapel Board of Deacons

Class of 2024

Judy Behle

Rick Hardy

George Hibbard

Eric Hiby

Sarah Hickey

Wendy Schneider

Jim Wellman

Class of 2023

Sarah Hightower

Rick Hradsky

Katherine Humphreys

Judd Presley

Anne Sutter

Claire Sutton

Elisabeth Thompson

Class of 2022

Phil Alderson

Matt Cipra

Judy King

Agnes Levin

Frecky Lewis

Ann Rexford

Rose Rudert

Annie Walther

Bennett Baur

To respect individual’s privacy, we do not post contact information on the website.  For contact information, please consult the online Realm directory or call the church office at 314-993-4771.