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The St. Andrew’s Memorial Garden is a special place set aside for the interment of the cremated remains of persons from the Ladue Chapel congregation who choose it for their final resting place. The Garden provides a space for interment on the church grounds, much as the old churchyard cemeteries of the past provided for our ancestors.

Funding for the establishment of the Garden comes from subscriptions and from individual memorial gifts. The St. Andrew’s Memorial Garden is located on the east side of Ladue Chapel, with the wall of the Sanctuary providing its west boundary. The wall of Woods Chapel is its south boundary.  Access to the Garden is through two gates, one on the north boundary and one on the east boundary. The Garden is always accessible.

Garden expenses and upkeep are independent of Ladue Chapel’s operating budget and are self-funded with income from the Garden’s endowment. Maintenance is perpetual. The Garden’s supervision is the responsibility of a standing committee comprised of representatives of the Landscape and Worship Committees, the original planning task force, the Garden Stewards and the congregation at large.

The Conceptual Design Approach to the Garden

The theme of the Garden is spiritual healing.  It is a place where people can go to remember and celebrate the joys of life with their loved ones. Gently incorporated is the reminder that death is a doorway and a continuation of life.

The entrance into the Garden signifies the transcendence into a timeless space, a space created with earthly elements representing life cycles and links to a heavenly plane. The fullness of life and spirituality are represented through nature. The balance of life is symbolized in the use of  the old and new stones in the flowing fountain. The rising to eternal life is symbolized by the soaring crane.

The Landscape Plan

The Garden is landscaped with plants and trees that have spiritual associations, and all the senses and seasons are fully expressed. The colors give reference to the diversity of life and eternal life.  Since it is a living garden, bringing flowers is not encouraged.

Application and Reservation Procedures and Fees

Members interested in subscribing for a space in the Memorial Garden should contact a pastor, or the Financial Assistant in the church office.

Provisions have been made for interment either in bronze urns in above-ground niches or in-ground biodegradable containers within the Garden.

If a death has occurred and the family is interested in subscribing for a space, but has not done so previously, a pastor or the Financial Assistant should be contacted.

A copy of the Indenture is available from the Financial Assistant. Any details of concern, including costs, may be discussed fully so that those involved understand the indenture and the policies that pertain to the Garden.

Space is reserved in the Garden upon acceptance of an indenture and receipt of the fee, payable to Ladue Chapel for the St. Andrew’s Memorial Garden. All subscription funds and gifts specified for the Memorial Garden are held in an account designated for the Garden.

The fee includes all costs involved with interment in the Garden (once the cremated remains are available) including the urn, the engraving of the name and dates and opening and closing costs at the time of interment.

Should you have questions, please contact one of our pastors or the Financial Assistant at 314-993-4771 ext 3100.