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Ladue Chapel has been a Stephen Ministry Congregation since April 1985. Named for Stephen, one of the first deacons in the early church, Stephen Ministry is a distinctively Christian caring ministry in which clergy and laity work together to provide quality one-to-one care to meet the needs of people experiencing a wide range of life circumstances or crisis, such as loss of a loved one, illness, divorce or business difficulties. This unique one-on-one ministry is a loving commitment to care for and support one another in the Body of Christ.

Confidentiality is the sacred watchword of all Stephen Ministry caring. The Care Giver never reveals with whom s/he is meeting or why s/he is needed. Any pastor can assist a member in making the supportive connection with a Stephen Minister.

For any member of Ladue Chapel, a listening, caring friend is always available and as near as the telephone.

For more information about Stephen Ministry or how to become a Stephen Minister, contact the church office at 314-993-4771.