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Uniting In Faith

As followers of Christ, we acknowledge that God is the creator and the giver of every good gift.  We do not own God’s gifts, but are invited by God to be stewards of them, to use them for the benefit of all, and to build up the community of faith.  That stewardship is expressed in our use of time, talents, and treasure for the common good and to proclaim the good news of God’s amazing love.

As we approach this week’s Commitment Sunday (November 13, 2016) at Ladue Chapel, I encourage you to follow the links below to view three new videos of  members sharing what Ladue Chapel and Uniting in Faith means to them.  These short videos tell real stories about why it is so important to make your 2017 pledge of  financial support on Commitment Sunday.  Please take a few minutes to watch the videos below and see why people are talking about their compelling stories and making early pledges online.

Pledge cards were mailed to you last week to complete and bring to church this Sunday to make your pledge in person.  Use the green card if you have already pledged online, and use the white card if you will be pledging on Sunday. You may also mail in the white pledge card if you prefer.  Whatever method you choose, the Stewardship Committee asks you to prayerfully consider making a five percent increase in your pledge as all members of the Session have already done.

At a time when political rhetoric has created a sometimes heated atmosphere of national and local turmoil, Ladue Chapel remains a beacon of unity and a bastion for respecting and honoring all people, no matter their views.  As I watch our video series, I am extremely thankful for being part of a place where Uniting in Faith brings us closer to the body of Christ and to one another.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday!


Craig R. Workman

Chairman, 2017 Pledge Drive

Our church invites its members to contribute a tithe (10%) of their annual income to charitable causes, and half of that to Ladue Chapel in support of our ministry together.  We also encourage our members to tithe their time and their talents to serve as ambassadors of Christ.

Each fall we have a stewardship campaign inviting our members to make a pledge of their money to the ministry of our church.  Making a pledge is about making a commitment to God, about committing to a relationship of faith and service that strengthens us to grow in love.  A pledge is not required, but it’s an important way to grow in faith.

You can make a pledge at any time by clicking on the link above, or you can contribute at any time using the same link.

Welcome to the ministry of Ladue Chapel!