This is an exciting time in the life of our congregation.

As a grateful congregation of God’s people, we are called to give God thanks for our multitude of blessings at Ladue Chapel every day. Of the many ways we give thanks to God, none is as significant as the praise we offer for the divine’s eternal love. It is in this spirit of joyful thanksgiving that we write to you. Each Sunday our worship service begins with a Call to Worship in which we are asked to collectively declare our devotion to God. In a similar vein, each year we are asked to consider our collective stewardship of the present and future of Ladue Chapel.

We truly receive a multitude of God’s gifts at Ladue Chapel. We rejoice in God for our pastors and staff, we honor their dedication to our congregation and to our personal walks in faith. Each week we enjoy a beautiful worship space adorned with banners, flowers, and other visual wonders. We are privileged to hear beautiful sounds of praise, especially with our highly regarded music programming. And we benefit from fellowship with each other as our unity in Christ strengthens our faith. 

Each time a child is baptized at Ladue Chapel we make a collective vow to care for the spiritual growth of that child, and it is incumbent on us to ensure that our church has the resources to fulfill that promise. But to ensure the future of Ladue Chapel we must continue to develop our children and youth programming. Doing so will require additional qualified staff for which we do not currently have a sufficient monetary budget.

We rejoice in God for the many ways that our congregation spreads His love through our mission programming. But we can do more.

With additional monetary resources, the Mission Committee could significantly broaden the impact of our church’s work, helping many people who need hope, prayer, or physical resources.

We rejoice in God for our beautiful physical space for worship, spiritual growth, and fellowship, as well as for the dedicated staff who care for this space. But we must recognize that our building is aging and requires our financial support to ensure its future.

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Stewardship Committee
DeLancey Smith, Amy Dunaway, Sue Knight, Erika Lewis, Mary Anne Mellow, Steve Nichols, Ed Reeb, Blair Rudert, & Doug Winship