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After temporarily suspending the PDO program due to the Covid pandemic in 2020, we want to give our parents an update on where we stand at the beginning of 2021.

We have evaluated the program and session adopted a new faith-based curriculum about which we are very excited. We have changed the enrichment program and will work with staff, church members, and outside sources to diversify our children’s enrichment. We have instituted a reporting system so that parents are always apprised as to their children’s activities and learning. We have changed our accounting system for Ladue Chapel and going forward all business transactions will be conducted through the church’s business office.

We are currently working on job descriptions for the new program and will begin with interviews as soon as possible.

Registration will be opening soon for the 2021 fall semester—please continue to check back as we update our website. 

If you have any questions please contact Rev. Dr. Dieter Heinzl 314-993-4771 ext.3106