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All eighth grade students are invited to participate in Confirmation.

Confirmation is an opportunity for you to ask and explore questions about faith: what you believe about who God is, why Baptism and Communion are significant in the Christian faith, what it means to be Presbyterian, and how you can live out and express your faith in the church and in everyday life.

Confirmation Class of 2018

Registration for Confirmation is open! All eighth grade students are invited to participate in Confirmation. Confirmation is a six month program for all eighth grade students. We will explore questions like: Who is God? Why are Baptism and Communion significant in the Christian faith? What does it mean to be Presbyterian? And much more.

Registration is due by Monday, August 28.

If you would like to register for confirmation click here.

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Rev. Mel Smith.

Confirmation Schedule

Classes are Sunday Mornings at 9:45-10:45 a.m. in Fellowship Hall, unless indicated otherwise.

  • Sept 10
  • Sept 17
  • Sept 24
  • Oct 1
  • No Class Oct 8
  • Oct 15
  • Oct 22
  • Oct 29
  • Nov 5
  • Nov 10-11 Confirmation Lock-In! 6:30pm-9:00am
  • No Class Nov 12
  • Nov 19
  • Nov 26
  • Dec 3
  • No Class Dec 10-Jan 14
  • Jan 21
  • Jan 28
  • Feb 4
  • Feb 11
  • No Class Feb 18
  • Feb 25, 5:30-6:30pm
  • Feb 28
  • Mar 4
  • Mar 11