Mission Partners

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Aware of our Biblical call to share the love of God in the World, the Mission Committee is responsible for outreach programs of this congregation.

All Among Us

Works to remove barriers and provide opportunities for women with a desire to transition from inter-generational poverty toward self-sufficiency. It provides single women in poverty transitional housing and programs in personal and family skills, education, job skills, financial literacy, and mental health support and counseling. The agency assists graduating women find affordable housing in the community. The agency is relatively new, being founded in 2016 and is located in Ferguson, Missouri. However, the founder, Cathryn Shaw has been aiding individual women since 2006. All Among Us currently serves sixteen women at a time.

Care and Counseling

Is an interfaith agency providing faith based counseling services for children, adults, and families, with whom Ladue Chapel has had a long standing relationship. It also provides pastoral training and an array of educational programs in counseling and psyco-dynamics. Through the financial support from individuals, foundations, corporations, organizations, and faith communities, counseling services are available to those who would otherwise be unable to afford the full cost of psychotherapy or counseling. This agency is located off Ladue Rd. in Creve Coeur.

Casa de Salud

Is a gateway to health care for the uninsured and underinsured in St. Louis. Founded in 2010, Casa initially focused on the Hispanic population, 47 nationalities are now served in 29 metro area counties. Casa provides basic initial medical care seven days a week. An extensive network of health care partners, including St. Louis University School of Medicine, provides care for chronic conditions. Although services are primarily for adults, Casa collaborates with partners to provide dental and eye care for children, and nutrition through a WIC program. The primary clinic is in Midtown St. Louis by SLU Hospital.

Giddings-Love Joy Presbytery

Is the governing body of Presbyterian Churches in the greater St. Louis area. LCPC supports other churches in the Presbytery through grants to small congregations for repairs to physical property and, program and ministry support. LCPC support to the Presbytery is the largest grant by the Mission Committee.

Cornerstone Center for Early Learning

Provides a place in the heart of St. Louis, for children younger than six to receive quality day care and preschool education, while their parents are working. Cornerstone is located in the Shaw neighborhood near Tower Grove Park. Almost half of the 220 children served come from households earning less than $ 20,000 a year. Volunteers may assist in the classroom, plan and participate in special events, and join in screenings. Indirect support includes painting, gardening, and general repairs. LCPC’s support of this agency helps children grow, and relieve conditions of poverty. Founded in 1968, this agency has been in existence for over 50 years.

Costa Rica PCUSA Missionary

Karla Koll, is a theology professor at the Latin American Biblical University. Karla teaches you pastors, many with churches of their own throughout Latin America. The tools she provides these young men and women help them mentor their flocks and spread the gospel in the region. LCPC considers our support of Karla and her work to be a real multiplier and vital to the mission of Christ’s church.

Firm Foundation

Creates the academic foundation that children need to function well in our culture. Far a variety of reasons, the students at Firm Foundation are not able to receive that academic foundation at school or at home. Through one-on-one tutoring Firm Foundation builds relationships with students and shows them the love of Christ. This agency was founded in 1993 by New City Fellowship and is a sub-program of another program of New City Fellowship, called Restore St. Louis. The agency operates in two locations. One in the Central West End and one is South St. Louis City.

Freedom Community Center (FCC)

Is a Black-led organization in North St. Louis City that was founded to dismantle systems of oppression that inflict harm and trauma on Black communities in St. Louis City; particularly the police and the criminal punishment system. Given the resources to alleviate immediate economic needs, the space to facilitate communal healing and the time to dream collectively of alternative approaches, the Black community of survivors meaningfully address harm happening in St. Louis. FCC works toward a future of compassion and investment. FCC’s work is centered on five main principles: Collective Power, Communal Healing, True Accountability, Embracing Repair, and Nonviolence. This process is commonly referred to as Restorative Justice.

Gateway Human Trafficking

Focuses on educating police forces and other groups in the St. Louis area on how to recognize Human Trafficking and how to report it to the appropriate Authorities and Agencies. Gateway Human Trafficking follows the “3P” paradigms of prosecution, protection and prevention that serve as the fundamental framework around the world, including the United States, to combat human trafficking. This approach is reflected in the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (Palermo Protocol) and in the United States the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, as amended (TVPA).

Habitat for Humanity- St. Louis

Is a part of a global, nonprofit housing organization operated on Christian principles that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities, and hope. Habitat’s ministry is based on the conviction that to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, we must love and care for one another, not only in word but also in our deeds. Habitat is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and works toward that goal with a comprehensive program in which hard working St. Louis families invest their time into actually building and owning a home. Habitat St. Louis has built over 400 homes since the founding of the St. Louis affiliate in 1986. LCPC has provided a “lead gift” for construction of 10 homes.

Interfaith Partnership

Deepens understanding, respect and appreciation among all persons across lines of religious difference and bravely brings people together to build, strengthen and sustain an interfaith community that is responsive and resistant. This is accomplished via events, exhibits, and other educational programs. The Cabinet provides a public voice for Interfaith Partnership on matters of religious, moral and ethical conscience. Membership of the Cabinet includes the highest ranking leader of a faith group, a person appointed by that faith group, or his or her representative.

Isaiah 58 Ministries

Is a non-profit Christian agency established in the Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis in 1970 to meet the needs of low income individuals in the community through direct services including a food pantry, thrift store, healthy lifestyles programming, and a woman’s group. In partnership with other churches it hopes to empower those in need of assistance, guiding them to lead lives of confidence and independence. LCPC provides support financially and with periodic food donations. Through the ministry of Isaiah 58, we are feeding the hungry as Jesus commanded.

Meds and Food for Kids

Is a nonprofit organization, founded by a St. Louis pediatrician, dedicated to treating and preventing child malnutrition in Haiti by producing fortified peanut based foods in Haiti. Not only do the children benefit, but the program also teaches Haitians how to grow their own peanuts, manufacture the food produce, called Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), and sell it to other countries who may need it. This mission helps LCPC fulfill a commitment to diminishing hunger in the world, not just a home.

Mission Interns

Is a traditional LCPC summer program for youth of LCPC in the last two years of high school and the first year of college. The program allows interns to participate in local Christian mission work, to grow spiritually, and to experience and learn about the mission of the church of Jesus Christ. Interns work with the agencies that LCPC supports.

Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services

Provides Christ centered support to kids and families in need. It gives children who have suffered from neglect, abuse and/or abandonment a safe, loving place to heal and to grow through residential treatment and transitional living. It also offers extra support like therapeutic mentoring, foster care case management and, in-home family therapy that helps families withstand and overcome any challenges together, such as the death of a parent, divorce, illness, homelessness or parental drug and/or alcohol abuse, as well as other types of crises. There are two residential facilities in Missouri, one in Farmington and one in Springfield. The balance in the St. Louis metro area offer non-residential services.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

Our faith informs how we deal with disaster—not only strengthening and giving hope; but also shaping how we help others rebuild and experience that hope. The PDA has both a domestic and international network or disaster response personnel and funds. Traditionally, LCPC has produced Clean Up Buckets for use in domestic disasters. However, at other times LCPC has just donated funds directly in response to a particular disaster.

Rebuilding Together- St. Louis

The St. Louis affiliate of a national organization, revitalizes neighborhoods one house at a time. The St. Louis affiliate started in 1992. LCPC provides both financial support and volunteer labor. Low income homeowners, particularly the elderly and/or disabled, who are often unable to do repair work on their homes, which become uncomfortable, unsafe and even unlivable. The homeowner’s dignity crumbles. Rebuilding Together rehabilitates homes so their owners may continue to live independently in comfort and safety.

Refuge and Restoration (R&R)

Is a non-profit organization located in Florissant, MO, that has been in existence since 1999. R&R’s foundational beginnings were via transitional housing; helping men who were incarcerated, under employed or unemployed. R&R has funding to purchase an abandoned strip mall in Dellwood and convert it into facilities for an affiliated church and four other programs. The North County Innovation Center (Entrepreneurial Center), the Employment Training Center, an Early Childhood Learning Center, and a bank which will offer financial literacy training. Our donation goes to the Employment Training Center which is already in operation.

Saint Andrew's Charitable Foundation

Is a non-sectarian, faith-based organization for seniors, their families, and their caregivers, to manage changes associated with aging. It provides help to allow seniors to remain independent at home, find a comfortable retirement residence that feels like home, or access extra help through assisted living or skilled nursing care. The foundation supports ten facilities. Through its commitment to spiritual care in its communities and extending a hand to the impoverished, St. Andrew’s fulfill the mission of the church.

Seed St. Louis

(Formerly Gateway Greening) is a vital component of the renaissance of our city, bringing good nutrition, physical exercise and renewed neighborhood strength to all areas of St. Louis City since 1984. It educates and empowers people to strengthen their communities through gardening and urban agriculture, supporting over two hundred community gardens and greening projects. Whether it is demonstration gardens or library programs, Seed St. Louis is making a huge impact in the St. Louis region, teaching our young people about healthy eating, while involving parents, teachers and community leaders in an effort to eliminate food deserts in our urban areas.

Theological Education Fund of the PCUSA

The Theological Education Fund combines gifts from Presbyterians across the country for students at Presbyterian seminaries throughout the U.S. The Fund’s headquarters are located in southern Indiana near Louisville, KY. Giving to this Fund is an investment in the future of the Church through support of future ministers. As one student noted, Ministry is a concoction of training, experience, instinct, and the ability to trust. Seminary not only teaches ministers ‘what to say and when to say it.’ It also gives Seminarians the language, a voice, and the courage to use it no matter the cost.

UKirk- St. Louis

Is the Presbyterian Campus Ministry for Washington University and St. Louis University. It is an initiative of the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy and is housed in Trinity Presbyterian Church in University City. This fellowship gathers on Sunday evenings for dinner and worship with communion at the Trinity Presbyterian Church. Other gatherings include during the week on both campuses, fellowship events, and more. It is an important ministry to students who are away from the support of home during their collegiate careers.

Uni-Pres Kindercottage

Is a child development center which acts as a beacon of light and hope to children and families in East St. Louis. It provides daily weekday childcare for up to eighty (80) children enabling the parent(s) to work or attend school, which is required to qualify for attendance. Breakfast and pre and after school care are provided to the school aged children. Many parents partially pay for care, but those who earn less than or equal to 50% of the poverty level qualify for free care. While all parents must contribute some volunteer hours, some pay with extra volunteer hours. Other needs are addressed by volunteer health care providers, a half-time nurse, college students, and additional collaborations. The school also has a weekly food distribution program with food provided by Feed America. This is a joint mission of United Church of Christ and Presbyterian churches.

Wycliff Bible Translators – Michael & Debbie Nelson

Wycliff Bible Translators is a long standing and highly regarded organization that translates the Bible into all languages around the world. Michael Nelson, who grew up at LCPC is an IT Project and Change Management Manager supporting Translators around the world. Each Wycliff Translator and Support Staff are charged with raising their own yearly support. Oftentimes they support themselves with their own funds.

Personal, hands-on participation is emphasized. There are numerous ways for individuals to be involved.  Contact the church office for more information on how you can become a part of this ministry of the church.

“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you…” Jeremiah 29:7

Ladue Chapel Mission Committee has been working hard to allocate mission designated funds to and be in partnership with many agencies and organizations on your behalf and, more importantly, on behalf of Christ.

Special offerings are also a major element of Ladue Chapel’s mission activity. Each year, the One Great Hour of Sharing gift during Lent and the Christmas Joy Offering support special needs all over the world.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance enables congregations and mission partners of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to witness to the healing love of Christ through caring for communities adversely affected by crises and catastrophic events. Click here to learn more about the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.