Rev. Anastassia C. Sharpe, Associate Pastor for Member Care

I was recently ordained into PCUSA, and am the first woman in my long line of family ministers to follow that call.  I am a sibling to two- my older brother is a pastor in Tallahasse, FL., and my older sister is a lawyer in Fayetteville, N.C.  I was raised by a single mom who I happily claim as my best friend.  Family and friends are central to my identity since I am a serious extrovert- my people matter to me.  

God's people also matter deeply to me, as I consider my church family to be my true kin.  This means that I find great joy in getting to know all God's people- I love to hear people's stories and to learn about who God made you to be.  I also hold a deep respect for tradition, so I am happiest when I am worshiping and breaking bread with God's people.  For me, worship in the sanctuary and fellowship around the table is the way to fill my heart.  I hope I have the opportunity to experience both with you.  

I love to travel and I had the luxury of spending time serving in ministry abroad.  I worked in Paris, France, where I finally became fluent in French.  I have a passion for scholarship, and have written 3 theses in my academic career- two during my undergraduate career at the College of Wooster, and one at during my graduate career at Princeton Theological Seminary.  My B.A. is in Philosophy, and my Masters of Divinity was tracked in Hebrew studies.  

In my time off, I like to write, to practice yoga, to cook, and to refine my style... which is to say I can be a bit too worldly when it comes to fashion. Theologian Karl Barth says:  “Take your Bible and take your newspaper, and read both. But interpret newspapers from your Bible.”  Can we add Vogue magazine to that formula, please? Tongue in cheek of course... See you dressed for church! 

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