Per Capita

Being good stewards of God’s gifts

Dear Members of Ladue Chapel:

We have received our apportionment for the Per Capita contribution to the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy. The denomination established the Per Capita Apportionment as a way for members to participate in supporting our denomination. The Per Capita Apportionment covers the administrative costs of the Presbytery, such as administrative, legislative, judicial, and ecclesiastical functions.

The apportionment for each confirmed church member age 13 or older is $35.
Since the $35 apportionment applies to confirmed members of the congregation, we ask that you consider making a contribution to cover the Per Capita cost of your household. If you have three confirmed members within your household, the per capita amount would be $35 x 3 = $105.

If members are unable to contribute to this important offering, the church will satisfy the obligation from its General Operating Fund. With your cooperation and participation, collection of the Per Capita from our members will relieve the Ladue Chapel’s General Operating Fund of a significant financial burden. This allows Ladue Chapel to deploy resources to other areas of need.

Please join us in being good stewards of our Presbyterian denomination.

Sarah Yancey
Clerk of Session