Staff and Leadership

Meet Ladue’s amazing team!


Rev. Douglas T. King

Pastor, Head of Staff
After college I served as a volunteer in mission with refugees in Mexico and California.  I earned my MDiv degree at Princeton while serving congregations in Trenton and Brooklyn coordinating a food pantry and working with people who had come out of the prison system.  After seminary I served as an intern at Myers Park Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina…[Read more]

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Rev. Dr. Dieter U. Heinzl

Associate Pastor

I was born and raised in Nuremberg, Germany, have lived in the United States since 1987 and am holding dual citizenship—just like the guy from the Bourne Identity … if you are a movie fan. My journey in the US has taken me from Houston to Austin, Texas, to Princeton, New Jersey, and, finally to St. Louis, in August, 2001…[Read more]

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Rev. Courtney Chandler

Director of Faith Formation and Family Ministry

I grew up in Lawrenceville, Georgia. At the age of thirteen, I announced to my family that I was going to be a minister when I grew up. Being a young girl from the south, my mother explained to me that I didn’t need to be a pastor, but I could marry one. So, I compromised and did both… [Read more]

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David Erwin

Minister of Music
I have been Minister of Music at Ladue Chapel since 2005.  I am responsible for the overall music program, which is both my calling and my joy.  I direct the Chancel Choir, Youth Choir, Carol Choir, Chorister Choir, Chapel Ringers and Gen/Rev Ringers.  I play the organ for Sunday services, as well as for weddings and funerals…[Read more]

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Anne Peacock

Director of Spiritual Life

I have been a member of Ladue Chapel since 1975, when my family moved here from York, PA. As a student, I was very active in youth fellowship, taught Sunday School, attended mission trips, and enjoyed singing in choir and ringing handbells. After receiving a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance  …[Read more]

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Sonie Orsay

Director, Ladue Chapel Nursery School


Lia Nunley

Director of Communications

I grew up in Webster Groves. My husband and I have a sweet dog named Remus (Remmy), who we love very much! I am a big lover of music and comedy. I’m an artist, a traveler, and a friend with a big heart! 

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Mark Vago

Business Administrator

I grew up in St. Louis in a family of accountants.  I have received a Bachelor’s degree from UM St. Louis and a Professional MBA from Washington University and have my CPA[Read More]

Keith Kult

Financial Assistant

I grew up in Columbia, Illinois.  Just recently moved back there.  Always loved the small, quiet town and still, just 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis.  Developed a passion for baseball at the age of 8, baseball and numbers…[Read more]

Danica Koster

Administrative Assistant

I am a St. Louis native and a lover of Blues hockey, Ted Drewes, and Imos pizza! I have an adoring husband and 3 incredible children. My oldest lives in California (Erin), and my youngest 2 live at home (Jackson and Leyna)…[Read more]


John Poelker

Maintenance Supervisor

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Paden McGee



Elders Class of 2023

David Curtis, John Fries, Jim Forsyth, Mary Anne Mellow, Andrea Niehoff, Patricia Theodos, Chris Warwick

Elders Class of 2024

Jo Dyroff, Lester Hill, Matt Mikula, Steve Nystrom, Carr Trovillion, Renee Van Stavern, Tammy Walsh

Elders Class of 2025

Laila Crabtree, Jane Geer, Edward Reeb, Lynn Smith, Mike Thaman, Bob Wiltenburg, Jeanne Wilton

Board of Deacons Class of 2023

Sarah Hightower, Rick Hradsky, Katherine Humphreys, Judd Presley, Mic Sandage, Anne Sutter, Claire Sutton, Elisabeth Thompson

Board of Deacons Class of 2024

Patsy Ball, Bennet Baur, Judy Behle, Ryan Hardy, George Hibbard, Eric Hiby, Sarah Hickey, Wendy Schneider, Jim Wellman

Board of Deacons Class of 2025

Nancy Allen, Pat Anslinger, Ann Earley, Ann Hermes, Kathy Noonan, Dee Anne Sjogren, Marty Sumner, Alexander Theodos, Landon Turley, Holly Wilson

Committee Chairs

Stephen Ministers –  Jo Dyroff & John Hensley

[email protected] & [email protected]

Worship & Music – David Curtis & Matthew Patterson

[email protected] & [email protected]

Adult Education – Julie Cobaugh

[email protected]

Staff Resources – Andrea Niehoff

[email protected]

Fellowship – Jeanne Wilton

[email protected]

Property – Carr Trovillion

[email protected]

Children & Youth – Courtney Chandler

[email protected]

Spiritual Director – Anne Peacock

[email protected]

Minister of Music – David Erwin

[email protected]

Deacons – Sarah Hightower

[email protected]

New Members – Craig Workman

[email protected]