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Nothing is more central to our life as a congregation than the worship of God! If we did nothing else, we would still gather to sing praises to the God of our salvation.  Worship is our core activity.  It defines us, comforts us, educates us, challenges us, transforms us, and empowers us.  It is the one activity in which every member of our church participates.  Worship is indispensable.

Through our worship of God we serve as stewards of the gospel.  We ensure that the truth of God’s redeeming love made known to us in Jesus Christ is proclaimed to all generations.  That truth continues to change lives, restore hope, build community, and promote justice and peace through the power of faith.

In response to God’s grace, we have committed ourselves to worship that honors and expresses the Godness of God.  In worship, God is the audience, the worship leaders are prompters, and the members of the congregation offer praise and thanksgiving to God.  We design our worship to be participatory and orderly, and to include a variety of meaningful responses both verbal and sung.  Its very structure testifies to the rhythm of the Christian life: gathering to hear God’s Word and dispersing to serve.  We welcome children, encourage lay leadership, and make our bulletin visitor friendly.

Worship and You

Worship is not about getting something, but about giving something.  If you come to worship to get something—spiritual renewal, inspiration, motivation, insight, comfort—you are likely to leave disappointed and empty-handed.  But if you come to worship to give something—an offering of praise and thanksgiving to God—you will leave enriched, satisfied, healed, and brimming over with fullness and joy!

Regular worship is critical to your spiritual journey as a person of faith.  Faith is a relationship, and its growth and development require spending time in communion with God and with each other.  Spend that time with God and God’s children, and through the years your life will be enriched in every way.  You will be more courageous, joyful, embracing, hospitable, confident, thankful, and generous. Worship will help you become the best that you can be; shape you into a person of deep, mature faith in the God who made you, redeemed you, sustains you and loves you; and prepare you to embrace life that is eternal.