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Music is at the heart of Ladue Chapel!

Vigorous hymn singing is a tradition within the congregation, and worshippers are constantly uplifted by the variety of musical offerings each Sunday.

The changing faces of the liturgical year are celebrated in widely differing musical styles from many historical periods.

The number of hours spent at church by our dedicated choir members is truly impressive. By fostering high standards of attendance and commitment, the program encourages a feeling of priority for church activities and a rewarding stewardship of time and talent.

Consider becoming a member of our musical family!

The Music Ministry of Ladue Chapel offers you the means to let music be part of your gift to God. Indeed, there is a place for all ages to share in the joys of serving God through music! We offer great opportunities for spiritual, personal, and musical growth as you develop creative expression, self-discipline, and cooperation within a nurturing atmosphere of love and joy through music and fellowship. Our highly trained and experienced directors will provide you with strong leadership, challenging and satisfying musical experiences, and will encourage friendship and fellowship.

Music Staff:
David Erwin, Minister of Music
Anne Peacock, Director of Spiritual Life & Assistant Organist